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Staff Mdf 22/09/2020 0

Big investments take time, we know that well. This is why we offer our customers a wide range of food and street trucks ready for delivery.

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MDF:  we will take your idea far, together.

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Staff Mdf 22/09/2020

Why should you choose MDF vehicles?

The street market business has never been so buzzy.

More & more professionals as they have seen the enormous potentials in the field, they are starting to catch this opportunity that the market is offering.

Numerous business, now they are realizing of the evolution of the current market, they are turning their business strategies towards the street food.

Restaurants, pizzeria, ice cream shops and also fashion store of different kind they are investing in branded business street marketing.

Why passively waiting for clients at the shop, when you can go directly to them. 

Choosing MDF vehicles means choosing high standard quality.,

MDF designs, customizes vehicles made to last.

Reliable and attention to details come together with the aim to create a working habitat with all comforts that satisfies the more particular demands.

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MDF: we will take your idea far, together

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Staff Mdf 27/05/2020

Mdf sarà presente a Gelatissimo a Stoccarda

Mdf sarà presente alla fiera Gelatissimo di Stoccarda, evento imperdibile per tutti i professionisti del gelato! Vi aspettiamo dal 15 al 19 febbraio 2020

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Staff Mdf 22/09/2020

MDF will take part at the gelatissimo at Stuttgart

MDF will take part to at the Gelitatissimo in Stuttgart, unmissable event for all ice cream professionals.

We will be waiting for you from the 15th of February till the 19 th 2020.

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