From the idea to the Realization

The business mission is to understand the needs of our clients and to transform it in a cutting-edge product. Suggest us your idea and we will realize it.

Your truck

MDF designs, builds and customizes vehicles for street vendors, dedicated to sectors such as clothing and street food: a special truck for your business.

Made to last

Our twenty-year experience allows us to transform every vehicle in a product not only beautiful but made to last, functional for the specific working needs.

Latest news

Cinzia 23/09/2021

Mdf veicoli speciali looking for a painter body shop

Mdf veicoli speciali

is looking for a body painter with solid experience in the sector to expand its staff.

Info e contacts:

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Cinzia 09/07/2021


The transformation of this current world brings new ideas.

Starting from the furnishings of our food trucks, customized and built entirely in our workshops,

we decided to respond to the many requests to give value to ideas even outside the truck.

With the arrival of a new and sophisticated machine, we can give shape to wood, plexiglass and aluminum.

Our craftsmanship is thus enhanced: any specific need can become reality.

It is possible to tailor each product: we have proudly become the tailors of your projects!

We have inaugurated the new machine to make the kitchens of a high gastronomy school, and the result was really appreciated.

Ready for the next project!

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