Our story

Quality and experience at the service of the truck modification.

MDF Special Vehicles was the business idea of some friends, which today they are business partners an idea which has become reality.
The business was born with the aim to create a unique promo truck for commercial and transport usage in particular for sectors such as clothes and street food.
After nearly twenty years in this business and the experience gained in mechanics, the business mission has become stronger and as a consequence we have been able to raise the barwe are capable to transform every industrial vehicle adapting it to the commercial needs of the clients. Quality and experience united by an artisan finesse of craftsmanship has contributed to create a solid business production and skills which are appreciated by those who have believed in us and in our work. The main priority is to understand the necessity of the clientele and to offer a vehicle which it is not only beautiful to the eyes but also functional.
Thanks to the safety of our vehicles MDF has also become over the years a synonym of reliably. For quality we refer also to the repair services and mechanical assistance.
In an international perspective, the products and services for sale, retailing and wholesale, it is thought for the local and national market. By choosing MDF it means to trust qualified professionals that we will able to guide you in the world of the food truck modification that guaranteeing a unique product with a strong identity. 

Passions ...

Sacrifice and willingness to take on a new challenge and a desire to create something unique: this is the business mission of the company established in 1999, from an idea which two friends had Massimo and Giovanni, this idea has quickly become a reality in the Italian market.
MDF is the fruit of our passion but also of the client.

And ideas 

Our clients are professionals of the street market that are not searching for a simple working vehicle a mean to an end.
For this reason, we do not just assemble the pieces but we take care of every single detail, designing a unique product, functional and welcoming.
We will take your idea far.

MDF, a family story

Plant - Manager