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Se c’è qualcosa che ci piace fare è immaginare, e poi inventare e creare.
Questa volta abbiamo realizzato un chiosco pizzeria con tanto di ambiente-forno capiente e confortevole.

Seguici e contattaci per i tuoi progetti su ruota o all’aperto, il futuro è oggi!

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Cinzia 22/09/2020

Food truck the opportunity which will allow to restart with small food businesses

In these weeks of forced homestay, we have discovered that there are many things that we are missing.

To start from small rituals that we have given for granted before the covid blocked us at home.

Drink coffee and cappuccino at the bar, having an afternoon snack with an ice cream for the children joy, strolling while eating a sandwich ordered in that instant.

To do once again all these things together with our friends and our beloved friends, side by side like we have always done, it will still take time but it will be still possible to taste our rituals meals, thanks to the gradual business openings in the food sector.

The ‘restart “will not be the same for all.

For many icreamshops, pizzerie, bar, patisserie and alike, the so called second phase in contrast with the Covid could be more complex, due to the reduced spaces and expenses

Linked to the structural arrangements necessary.

For many small businesses it will be difficult to respect all the necessary norms to restart with the service.

Linked to this reality, usually a family owned business, it is an opportunity called food truck.

They are true and proper commercial businesses on wheels that have the advantage to reach directly the client and finding a strategic open place each day where to stop.

In this way it will be easier to respect the social distancing and also offering a quality service, free delivery of charges.

They are many,for example the icecream shops which are setting up this system to overcome in the best way possible the summer season,after nearly two months of lockdown.

If the premises are small it becomes difficult to handle the influx of clients respecting the regulations.

Thing that it is made easier with a food truck, perfectly equipped that allows to do business in the open.

Nowadays solutions exist which have been tested to offer what it is necessary for the regular execution of the personal business on wheels.

From the small ape car that can easily transform itself into a bar, positioned at the center of a square to reach their customers, more articulated options from frying, roast, warm up to prepare proper meals right away.

The food truck advantages are various: the food is prepared straight away and arrives at the destination still warm and the contact with clientele is not lost and working in the open it is easier to respect the norms enforced.

Furthermore, the costs are lower respect to renting premises

You can move into places which you believe to be strategic for your own business.

Furthermore, it is a field that Italians know well and appreciate already for some considerable time street food, in fact it is counting encouraging numbers and every year increases businesses decide to transfer themselves on wheels.

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Cinzia 22/09/2020

The quality of our offers

Big investments take time, we know that well. This is why we offer our customers a wide range of food and street trucks ready for delivery.

Visita la sezione dedicata

MDF: we will take your idea far, together.

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Cinzia 09/07/2020


La trasformazione di questo mondo attuale porta nuove idee.

Partendo dagli arredi dei nostri foodtruck, personalizzati e costruiti interamente nelle nostre officine,

abbiamo deciso di rispondere alle tante richieste di dare valore alle idee anche fuori dal truck.

Con l’arrivo di una nuova e sofisticata macchina, possiamo dare forma a legno, plexiglass e alluminio.

La nostra capacità artigianale è così potenziata: qualsiasi specifica esigenza può diventare realtà.

È possibile “cucire” su misura ogni prodotto: siamo diventati con orgoglio i sarti dei vostri progetti!

Abbiamo inaugurato la nuova macchina per realizzare le cucine di una scuola di alta gastronomia.Il risultato è piaciuto davvero molto. Pronti per il prossimo progetto!

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